The Bite-Sized Approach To Living A Life Of Purpose

Because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s one of humanity’s most pertinent and penetrating questions: how do I live a life of purpose? Big questions require big answers. Finding purpose is a big deal, and answers tend to suggest life-changing transformation is necessary.

We read stories of those who made it against all odds, those who had courage to make radical changes and live unconventional lives.

While this is all well and good, the implication that finding purpose is a monumental task—a big answer to a bigger question— may hinder the process of living a meaningful life.

What if the paradox of purpose is that, the more pressure we put on ourselves to find it, the more elusive it becomes?

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🎥 Self-Enquiry Isn’t Selfish

Is self-enquiry selfish? On the surface it may appear this way. In this video, I compare the philosophy of solipsism and the experience of oneness, or nonduality, to explain why exploring deeper elements of our own unconscious mind paradoxically connects us to the interconnected web of existence.

Solipsism is the philosophy that no knowledge outside of the self can be known. Reality is subjective, and I only have knowledge that I exist. Therefore, everything within my reality is all I can, and all I will ever know as truth. How can I know you exist outside of me? Solipsism says I am the centre of the universe.

I view solipsism as ego-centred. From an intellectual perspective, this argument stands to reason. Viewing the universe as mechanical and material and consciousness restricted purely to the body and brain, of course I will follow the path that “I” am the only verifiable element of existence.

It’s all a bit cynical, isn’t it?

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🎧 MTE Podcast #9: Connecting With Your Inner Universe


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The aphorism “know thyself” has fuelled self-discovery for millenia, stretching back to Ancient Egypt. The phrase, favoured by Socrates, was even allegedly inscribed at the Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi. More recently, depth psychology encourages exploring the unconscious aspects of the Self, to uncover the richness that resides within.

In this episode I discuss why self-connection is an essential catalyst in the process of growth. Discovering the universe within — with all its nuances, patterns, shadow and beauty — ignites the journey of wisdom. Embarking on this journey requires a skilled approach to self-enquiry, to begin to understand: Who are you, really?