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Welcome, I’m Ricky Derisz. MindThatEgo is an online presence synergising knowledge and experience of the world’s wisest and most insightful, from the fields of spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, biology, anthropology, philosophy and beyond. The goal is to combine the best of the best to help create a well-lived, harmonious life.

This is my passion project, a way for me to give back and share the resources I have used to improve my mental health after years struggling with depression, anxiety, and all types of mental health challenges.

Call me obsessed, but I dedicate my time to researching and applying a whole host of tools. I celebrate scientifically-backed studies and research, whilst delving into mystical and unprovable spiritual practices with healthy skepticism. I appreciate science’s role, while placing immense value on our capacity for direct experience. 

I believe there are an infinite ways of handling day-to-day stressors, but ultimately what most of us seek resides beyond the thinking mind, beyond the ego and sense of a separate self… It resides in connecting to the cosmos, transcending our isolation and working together to fulfil our true potential.

I love to write, so here you’ll find plenty of in-depth, written content exploring spirituality, philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, psychology… the list goes on. I also host the MindThatEgo Podcast, where I discuss these same topics with experts from all fields and all over the world.

My dedication to mental health and wellness has led to my career as a Life, Spirituality and Wellness Coach. I thrive working one-on-one with clients and guiding people through challenges; having the opportunity to serve in this way is a blessing, and one I don’t take for granted.

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Take a look around, read, listen, watch, rejoice!

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