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Instagram’s Influence On Negative Body Image

Instagram influence body image
Is Instagram damaging to body image?

It’s official — Instagram is the worst social media site for mental health. All social media sites have a potentially detrimental effect on the way we feel, but Instagram, with its heavy focus on imagery, has a particularly negative impact on one specific area: body image. Instagram isn’t the instigator of body image issues, of course, but instead a heavily-filtered reflection of a culture that objectifies, sexualises and commodifies the human body, while promoting unattainable and unrealistic standards of what beauty is.

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Social Media And Mental Health: Data Isn’t The Only Reason To Consider #DeleteFacebook

social media wellbeing
You need to consider the impact of social media on your mental health.

The Guardian has again worked its whistleblowing magic, exposing the role of Cambridge Analytica in illegally obtaining masses of personal data from 50 million Facebook profiles. This data was then used by Trump’s digital political campaign to target the U.S electorate. It’s not good news for Mark Zuckerberg — as Facebook’s stock falls, the momentum of an online petition to #DeleteFacebook rises, endorsed by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, Elon Musk and other prominent names.


Beyond Belief And Thinking — Is God Love, And How Can We Experience It?

Is God love?
Is Love the collective force of the universe?

This post isn’t planned or researched. No notes jotted, no research saturated in neon highlighter ink, no books reread. I have no idea how I’ll do such an elaborate topic justice, but could I ever do this topic justice, really? It’s humanity’s greatest question, a question that divides, incites, reassures, and ignites, and will never be succinctly answered in this world: does God exist? And if so, what is its nature? The only way to address the topic is through my experience.

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The Myth Of Romantic Love, From A Hopeless Romantic

romantic love.
The myth of romantic love is part of our culture. [Credit: Louise Pomfret]
500 Days of Summer is one of my favourite films. Its best scene shows Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dancing through the streets with a beaming smile, slapping hands of strangers as “You Make my Dreams Come True” plays in the background. Tom is ecstatic; he’s consummated his relationship with the woman he’s infatuated with, Summer (Zooey Deschanel). His celebratory jive personifies something commonly felt — the giddying, joyous insanity of falling in love.


How To Prioritise Goals

prioritise goals
Understand how to prioritise goals.

This article is part of the goal setting theme for January. See also: The Liberating Distinction Between Hopes And Dreams and Find Your Life’s Purpose, Follow Your Heart’s Desire.

The aim of January’s theme is to shift the mental perspective on goal setting. First by highlighting the importance of separating fulfilment from the attainment of goals. Second, by highlighting the distinction between inner purpose and outer purpose.