🎧 34. Beauty, Bliss, and the Dark Night of the Soul with Jesse Gittler


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Jesse Gittler came to my attention through an Instagram reel where he talked about synchronicity and using the quantum dimension as a mode of self-healing. I was having a tough time, and as I watched more of his videos, his voice stoked a dormant part of my psyche. Jesse’s mission is to guide through his spiritual awakening, which he does with no pretense and an abundance of heartfelt passion. His content is refreshing and true.

Awakening is full of paradox, with bliss and beauty counterbalanced by spells of confusion, fear, and suffering. Intense feelings of connection can be contrasted by isolation. Jesse talks to all of this with respect and humility, and I thoroughly enjoyed our spontaneous conversation. Jesse shares his awakening story, including his initial suffering and experience of being “pushed by the universe” into embodying his soul, and aligning with the flow of the cosmos.

Our conversation explores the way of reading signs from the universe, spiritual reading, the paradox of beauty and sadness, why preparing the body is essential to handle the energy of light, the metaphysics of quantum travel, the nature of partial truth and eternal truth, different types of suffering, and how the experience of pure beauty can inspire a permanent change in perspective.

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