If You Believe In Nothing Else, Believe In Beauty

Believe in beauty.

If you believe in nothing else, if God does not satisfy your taste, if the fate of humankind feels bleak, if the world makes your heart ache and you question reasons why, if life feels unpredictable and chaotic and uncertain and unknown and faith feels far fetched and spirituality superficial and religion reprehensible, if, if, if you believe in nothing else…

Believe in beauty. The beauty of a moment, the beauty of human connection, the beauty of human resilience, the beauty of the search for meaning, the beauty of a smile or a flutter or skipped heartbeat or people you love being right here right now or random acts of kindness or songs sending chills down your spine or memories that make you cry happy tears or future visions that propel you forwards in times of darkness or films that make you see the world differently or books that shake you to the core or Spotify playlists that remind you of yourself or the really silly things that aren’t silly because they make you feel something.

Believe in beauty. The beauty of how when we’re wounded we heal, physically, mentally, spiritually, how the stars align by forces unseen, the beauty of witnessing it all, the beauty of consciousness, the beauty of dreams, the human capacity to love, the beauty of heartbreak and tenderness and patterns of nature, human and cosmic, of order within chaos, sequences, fractals and mathematical perfection and quantum mysteries.

Believe in beauty. The beauty of believing in good, the beauty of wanting the best for others, the beauty of forgiveness and the bitter taste of coffee and the smell of rain, beauty of synchronicities and how the trees allow us to breathe and the stars gave birth to us.

Believe in beauty. The beauty of human creativity and the beauty of the body and how the heart beats, beats, beats and how we breathe without thinking and how the universe is fine-tuned for life and the beauty of having something to believe in, whether it’s Bristol Rovers or Bitcoin or Being The Best You Can Be.

Believe in beauty. The hearts you’ve touched, the hands you’ve held, the faces you’ve caressed and the things you’ve shared and had shared with you in those moments of safety, those moments where beauty drowns out noise and the world falls silent and souls connect and hearts swell and time stands still.

Beauty is the language of the heart. If you believe in nothing else… Believe in beauty.

Published by Ricky Derisz

Spirituality Coach and Meditation Teacher devoted to understanding the human psyche and nature of consciousness. Undergoing a life-long process of minding my ego.

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