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Finding Meaning In The Treasures Of The Past

The treasure of deeds done, loves loved, suffering faced with courage. [Credit: anncapictures from Pixabay]

Last weekend I set up an at-home retreat. I set the intention of perspective, clarity, and reflection on the past few months. The idea was to journal and meditate, but first I was overcome by a spontaneous and suddenly very important need to tidy my apartment.

At first I resisted. This wasn’t the work! In the end I gave in, which was for the best. I didn’t know tidying would present me with exactly what I was looking for, finding meaning in a box of old journals, gathering dust. As I scanned the pages nostalgia filled the room and my body fell still, as if stepping off a treadmill I didn’t realise I was running on.


The Bite-Sized Approach To Living A Life Of Purpose

Because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s one of humanity’s most pertinent and penetrating questions: how do I live a life of purpose? Big questions require big answers. Finding purpose is a big deal, and answers tend to suggest life-changing transformation is necessary.

We read stories of those who made it against all odds, those who had courage to make radical changes and live unconventional lives.

While this is all well and good, the implication that finding purpose is a monumental task—a big answer to a bigger question— may hinder the process of living a meaningful life.

What if the paradox of purpose is that, the more pressure we put on ourselves to find it, the more elusive it becomes?