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The Galvanising Gift Of Noticing Thoughts

Noticing thoughts.
The galvanizing gift of noticing thoughts.

I’ve always loved making people laugh. Accompanied by a smile family photos suggest was equally chubby and charming, from a young age I also knew how to milk a joke for all its worth. Over the years my dad, who is equally fond of making people laugh and milking jokes (sorry dad!), has passed on some of his favourite quips. Imagine my delight upon inheriting this gem:

If you notice this notice, you’ll notice this notice isn’t worth noticing.


Conquer The World… But First, Brush Your Teeth

brush your teeth
A Mindfulness Metaphor: But First, Brush Your Teeth

Wide-eyed and loose-tongued, the other evening I was excitedly telling my partner, Ellen, of the myriad of ideas running through my mind. It was late, time for bed, but here I was hovering and conversing en route to the bathroom, anchored by my stream of consciousness. Ellen — who I was now depriving of sleep — listened attentively, her assuring smile a sign of her enduring patience. As one idea sprang to the next, and the next, and the next, I stopped myself. Equally amused and supportive of my late-night ramblings, Ellen astutely bookended our conversation: “But first, brush your teeth.”


3 Mindful Exercises To Make Daily Chores Enjoyable

There’s immense power in living mindfully. Though mindfulness has become a buzzword in recent years, the basic practice of being completely, utterly focused on the present moment produces huge benefits. The mind — and all the belief systems and thoughts that come with it — clouds our experience. It likes to label things, to transform experience into concepts. Work. Play. Boring. Fun. Like. Don’t like.


The Benefits Of Meditation — My Personal Journey

This article is split into two sections on meditation: how it changed my life and its scientific benefits. The first is a deeply personal explanation of my particular experience. I want to start with this because I’m hoping by sharing, it’ll give further insight than the dozens of other articles online that tell you why meditation is beneficial, without the necessary anecdotal explanation in support. After all, it’s useful knowing what studies have discovered, but it can be difficult to relate. If you have a thirst for science, you’ll be catered for; the second section summarises key findings.