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The Quantum Poetry of Mizpah: Why You’re Never Truly Disconnected From Those You Love

The Quantum Poetry of Mizpah (Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels)

Self-isolation. Lockdown. Quarantine. Social distancing. The buzzwords of 2020 symbolise forced separation in a world so connected yet so far apart. Seeing loved ones is no longer a given, physical touch is restricted, and many are unable to visit the people they care for the most.


For Jeannette: Reflections On Our Last Meeting

In memory of my auntie Jeannette.

“Did you come alone?” Jeannette asks. I know this code. My conversations with Jeannette have been rare since I left Bristol, left home, limited to Christmas pop-ins or off-chance visits. But our interactions always share a common theme. Questions include “shall I get my wedding hat?”, and “is she the one?”, though this is more subtle. “Yes, I came alone,” I say, and we both understand the language between words, the communicated yet unspoken, the space between lines.

By the law of the family tree, Jeannette was my auntie. But by the law of heart and the law of feeling, she was my grandmother. Sadly, by the laws of nature, her body was slowly giving up on her, the effects of a stroke compounded by rapidly-developing cancer and old age. Physically she was frail; bones protruding, cheeks hollow. But in spirit?


How To Courageously Cultivate Love And Intimacy In Non-Sexual Relationships

Opening the heart to unconditional love and non-sexual intimacy.

Do you dare to be brave? Do you dare to remove barriers and allow life’s flow to abundantly flood your heart? Do you dare to be shaken to the core? Do you dare to be truly seen? Do you dare to be vulnerable? Do you dare to confront fear, to discover the treasure beyond?

Do you dare to explore these qualities outside of romance? To cultivate intimate connections with friends, family, colleagues, strangers on the street? What about those you dislike, disagree with, resent, judge? Could you love generously, knowing the most profound expression of love doesn’t discriminate?

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🎧 2. Healing From Heartbreak With David Gandelman

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Breakups suck, don’t they? There’s no avoiding it. However, a lot of the pain we experience can be avoided, if only we have the right tools. In Episode #2 of the MindThatEgo Podcast, I’m joined by meditation expert David Gandelman to discuss a topic we can all relate to — heartbreak.

David is the founder of GroundedMind, where he applies his amiable, lighthearted approach to a unique guided meditation program. He’s the co-host of the Energy Matters podcast and teaches meditation at Cornell University. David has 10 years of teaching experience, helping thousands of clients to heal, unlock their creativity and spiritual potential. Many of whom have one burning question — how do I heal from heartbreak?

Talking points include:

  • Attachment, dependency and romantic love.
  • Finding gratitude through grief.
  • The role of forgiveness.
  • The importance of removing energetic bonds.
  • How to clear space to heal, recover, and find new love.
  • Love’s healing power.

This episode includes practical tools as well as a special guided meditation from David. For even more tools, sign up to his free Healing From Heartbreak course.

(Title music: Monday Morning Wake Up Call by David Birch)

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The Myth Of Romantic Love, From A Hopeless Romantic

romantic love.
The myth of romantic love is part of our culture. [Credit: Louise Pomfret]
500 Days of Summer is one of my favourite films. Its best scene shows Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dancing through the streets with a beaming smile, slapping hands of strangers as “You Make my Dreams Come True” plays in the background. Tom is ecstatic; he’s consummated his relationship with the woman he’s infatuated with, Summer (Zooey Deschanel). His celebratory jive personifies something commonly felt — the giddying, joyous insanity of falling in love.