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Category: Spirituality

🎧 MTE Podcast #1: Essential Spirituality With Roger Walsh

Posted in Podcasts, and Spirituality

Roger Walsh’s transformative work has extensively uncovered useable tools all of us can practice to open us to new ways of living. These tools, thousands of years old yet more relevant than ever, can help uncover our true potential, transforming our inner-universe into an abundant landscape of analysis and learning.

Far from dogmatic religion, this is livable, life-changing, state-enhancing spirituality.

Beyond Belief And Thinking — Is God Love, And How Can We Experience It?

Posted in Spirituality

Is God love? The the nature of God’s existence is one of the most challenging questions humanity has ever faced. But far beyond a bearded entity, what if God is an energy, and that energy is loving and nurturing in its nature? From quantum physics to anecdotal evidence, here’s one possible explanation.