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One-on-One Coaching

A synthesis of spiritual philosophy and psychological grounding is necessary in the journey of wholeness, integration, and becoming. My skill is understanding how approaches complement each other, and adapting this to my client’s needs. There is no set path; the challenge is to unearth the path destined for you.

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I prioritise mental health and the delicate balance of opening to the transcendent whilst learning what it means to be an embodied human. I’m not interested in spiritual bypassing or spiritless models of human potential. I believe a compassionate, loving, even artistic approach to healing and growth is the source of transformation, for higher qualities and deeper truths to emerge.

“True sanity entails in one way or another the dissolution of the normal ego, that false self competently adjusted to our alienated social reality: the emergence of the ‘inner’ archetypal mediators of divine power, and through this death a rebirth, and the eventual reestablishment of a new kind of ego-functioning, the ego now being the servant of the Divine, no longer its betrayer.”

R.D. Laing

One-on-one sessions provide space for these qualities and truths to emerge in a conscious and directed way. This sense of direction is supported by a wide variety of approaches, particularly Jungian philosophy, including dreamwork, active imagination, working with synchronicities, and understanding the nature of archetypes and psychological projection.

Spiritual philosophies, such as Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, alongside a meditation practice, open the door to deeper dimensions of self, not to mention the maps of consciousness that far transcend the conventional Western models. In a culture disconnected from the soul, this context is relief and inspiration.

“Each session is a ‘class’ on myself — what I value as important, what I want, what I’m currently struggling with, and so much more. I have benefitted from every single session with Ricky — no exceptions. He is one of the best listeners I have ever met, which is apparent from the first session. I imagine all his clients, like myself, bond easily with him and quickly establish trust, which is crucial for the process. Openness and honesty, which Ricky’s personality and demeanour quickly enables, provides the basis for the growth and guidance any individual seeking life coaching is inherently searching for.”

Testimonial: Andrew

I have first-hand experience of the isolation, self-doubt and fear around non-ordinary experiences, from the dark (psychosis, depression, anxiety, fear of “madness”) to the light (ecstasy, kundalini awakening, heightened sensitivity, psychic openings), to the sense of connection joy, purpose, inner-peace deep work can cultivate. These trials and tribulations shape my approach, but the onus is always on the client’s unique journey.

That journey is supported by balancing the spontaneity of emergence with structure, context, and certain traditional coaching tools (goal setting, planning, time management), allowing for the integration of intuitive, instinctual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions — supported by qualities such as curiosity, humour, playfulness, and courage.

“Being coached by someone who can relate to my experience matters to me. Ricky’s infectious enthusiasm and humour means I walk away from each session uplifted and invigorated — even when tears have been shed. Ricky encouraged me to see how unkind ways of thinking, on top of demanding expectations, were preventing long-lasting change. It was only when we went deep — shining a light on my thoughts and their impact — that I started improving parts of my life I believed were lacking. It was an eye-opening game-changer.”

Testimonial: Juliette

In summary, my sessions typically focus on:

  • Context and structure for non-ordinary experiences and spiritual emergencies.
  • Balancing seemingly contradictory worldviews, ideologies, and belief systems (for example, conventional material vs. spiritual, rational vs. intuitive.)
  • Guiding the overlap of mental health (and “illness”) and spiritual awakening in a holistic way.
  • Integrating spiritual practices and strengthening connection to the sacred.
  • Direct meditation tuition.

MindThatEgo is an extension of me. Explore the blog, watch my content on YouTube, or tune into the podcast, to get a better feel for my approach. Ready for a chat? Book your free 20-minute discovery call or contact me for more information.

Rates are €55 per hour or €75 for 90 minutes, offered online or in-person in Berlin. I offer packages of four, six, or eight sessions, with occasional one-off sessions. Payment plans are possible.