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Crazywise with Phil Borges

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MindThatEgo Podcast #5: Crazywise with Phil Borges.

What if psychological crises were opportunities for spiritual awakening? That’s the question that motivated Phil Borges to direct his documentary, Crazywise. While documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 30 years, he realised the healers and visionaries had each undergone a personal transformation our culture may label a breakdown, psychotic, crazy… Unlike in the West, these “disorders” are seen as gifts.

Phil’s Ted Talk on the subject has nearly 2 million views, and it’s easy to see why. Having watched Crazywise on a friend’s recommendation, I was eager to talk to Phil. I wasn’t disappointed — our discussion in MindThatEgo Podcast #5 was fascinating. We cover diagnosis, peer-support, the overuse of prescription drugs, hearing voices, authenticity, and much more.

On a personal level, our discussion was extremely emotional. I’ve shared a few things not many people know about my own crisis, particularly around grief and psychosis. Phil was open-hearted about his experiences, too. It’s a conversation that will no doubt stay with me for a while.

Enjoy the show!

Trigger warning: this podcast episodes contains reference to psychosis and suicide.

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