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Healing From Heartbreak With David Gandelman

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mindthatego podcast
MindThatEgo Podcast #2 with David Gandelman

Breakups suck, don’t they? There’s no avoiding it. However, a lot of the pain we experience can be avoided, if only we have the right tools. In Episode #2 of the MindThatEgo Podcast, I’m joined by meditation expert David Gandelman to discuss a topic we can all relate to — heartbreak.

David is the founder of GroundedMind, where he applies his amiable, lighthearted approach to a unique guided meditation program. He’s the co-host of the Energy Matters podcast and teaches meditation at Cornell University. David has 10 years of teaching experience, helping thousands of clients to heal, unlock their creativity and spiritual potential. Many of whom have one burning question — how do I heal from heartbreak?

Talking points include:

  • Attachment, dependency and romantic love.
  • Finding gratitude through grief.
  • The role of forgiveness.
  • The importance of removing energetic bonds.
  • How to clear space to heal, recover, and find new love.
  • Love’s healing power.

This episode includes practical tools as well as a special guided meditation from David. For even more tools, sign up to his free Healing From Heartbreak course.

Listen to the podcast below:

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(Title music: Monday Morning Wake Up Call by David Birch)

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