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Purposeful Life Coaching For Emotional And Spiritual Growth

Dedicated sessions will help you...

  • Improve emotional intelligence.
  • Pinpoint triggers and causes of emotional distress.
  • Apply structured, psychology-based practices to identify and move beyond limiting beliefs.
  • Build unstoppable momentum towards a life aligned to your values.
  • Apply mindfulness and meditation to modern, day-to-day challenges and causes of stress and unease.
  • Create a tangible plan for your spiritual growth and personal development in the digital age.
Testimony Juliette

Juliette, Berlin

"Being coached by someone who can relate to my experience matters to me. Ricky’s infectious enthusiasm and humour means I walk away from each session uplifted and invigorated — even when tears have been shed. Ricky encouraged me to see how unkind ways of thinking, on top of demanding expectations, were preventing long-lasting change. It was only when we went deep — shining a light on my thoughts and their impact — that I started improving parts of my life I believed were lacking. It was an eye-opening game-changer."

The odds of being alive are estimated to be 1 in 400 trillion. A Buddhist metaphor captures this unlikely blessing in awesome context; imagine a blind turtle living on the ocean seabed, who rises to the surface once every 100 years. You throw a cattle-yoke into the ocean. Winds and waves move it in all directions. The odds of being alive are greater than the turtle rising to the surface in perfect time and place to lift its head directly through the hole in the yoke.

That you are reading these words right now is a miracle. You are the universe miraculously experiencing itself.

Tragically, most of us don’t feel like miracles. We feel unexceptional, disillusioned, imprisoned by racing thoughts, trapped by trauma, perceived limitations and illusions of a separate self. We bemoan the “same-old” and get stuck on autopilot. We know more about our smartphones than our minds. We take things for granted, we feel we should be grateful, content, appreciate, just be

Yet genuinely experiencing these qualities feels impossible.

These limitations neglect the fundamental preciousness of our existence. In the digital age, fast-paced living is encouraged as we’re bombarded with information, distracted by pings, WhatsApp calls, Instagram notifications. Is it any wonder depression, anxiety, stress, burnout are the hallmarks of our generation?

But this isn’t how life is destined to be. I’m Ricky Derisza Writer, Coach and the creator of MindThatEgo. I’m dedicated to supporting people like you on your journey of self-discovery. Cultivating states of awe and joy, freeing creative expression, slowing down, healing, connection… this is possible. Now. I know — I’m living proof.

For years, panic attacks and low mood were my normality. The intense pain and sense of isolation led to a number of breakdowns. I looked around and all I wanted to be was “normal” — without frequent crises or relying on antidepressants.

As a sense of hopelessness set in, I felt destined to be a tortured soul, and romanticised the tragic nature of my life. I contemplated suicide. I reached the point where I knew I had no choice; if I was to remain on this Earth, I had to fight with every fibre of my being to find a solution.

What I offer

  • Face-to-face English language Life Coaching sessions in Berlin, Germany.
  • Online Life Coaching for international clients.
  • The option of a “field trip” session at a destination of your choice (Berlin only).
  • Reading lists and session-by-session actions steps to induce personal growth.
  • 100% commitment. This is my life’s passion! In return, I ask you do the same.
  • A toolbox of scientifically proven techniques and resources.
  • A fresh perspective on challenging life situations and troubling emotions.
  • A sense of lightness and humour — the process is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be “serious.”
  • A flexible, dynamic approach to best serve your learning style.
  • Regular check-ins to ensure you get maximum value from our work together.
  • Leading by example — I only coach what I know.
ricky derisz

Quick-fix culture and advertising implies there’s a magic “cure” for all of our problems. But genuine growth and improvement comes from applying a wealth of tools and techniques… every single day. Fuelled, of course, by the desire to change. My journey involved increasing self-awareness, noticing and reframing unskilled thinking patterns, connecting to a higher purpose, tapping into the body’s intelligence, and opening the heart to explore energetic, emotional and spiritual elements of being.

My process of recovery led to a remarkable realisation that such breakdowns provide a portal to spiritual awakening and profound personal growth. Better still, you don’t have to reach rock bottom to begin applying these techniques; the same process can equip anyone to heal and deal with modern causes of suffering.

Pain is unavoidable, suffering isn’t. I suffered and survived to support others. I’ve gone through hell and kept going — now I have the roadmap, detailed with twists, turns, and shortcuts. Understanding the terrain, it has become my life’s mission to guide others through the nuances of self-exploration. Each of us have a purpose. My purpose is to support you in finding yours.

Andrew, Berlin

"Each session is a 'class' on myself — what I value as important, what I want, what I’m currently struggling with, and so much more. I have benefitted from every single session with Ricky — no exceptions. He is one of the best listeners I have ever met, which is apparent from the first session. I imagine all his clients, like myself, bond easily with him and quickly establish trust, which is crucial for the process. Openness and honesty, which Ricky’s personality and demeanour quickly enables, provides the basis for the growth and guidance any individual seeking life coaching is inherently searching for."

My unique approach is proven and effective, using a collection of resources built over years of heartfelt research and application. I follow a holistic practice to mind, body and soul. But to fully grow we need to embrace the darkness and learn to read emotions as messages. I offer a healing atmosphere, allowing you to face pain with a life-affirming perspective, while ensuring each session brims with purpose. Know that you can face up to this challenge, and you won’t be alone. 

The coaching process we will pursue is radically different from our culture of escapism and distraction, but the rewards are radically rich. It isn’t positive thinking or empty platitudes. It is the skilled cultivation of daily practices. It’s enacting courage to make significant changes and transformations. It’s taking control of your life, allowing you to eventually give back and make a difference in this world.

Do you want to change? Do you want to take responsibility and regain control? Are you ready to work for it?

If so, I’d love to work with you.

Coaching Q&A

I’ve had therapy. It’s incredibly useful during a mental health crisis. However, many people require a different approach than extensive talking therapy. All of our sessions direct you to managing and understanding troubling emotions, freeing you to create the life you want, step by step. Occasionally we will dive into your past, but only to understand how it is causing roadblocks in your present, to clear the road for your future. Though the type of coaching I offer isn’t therapy, it can be therapeutic — think of it as healing with intent.

The flexible nature of coaching allows for momentum, direction, and structure. By utilising the tools of the best minds in the coaching industry, our work will provide an actionable, goal-setting framework. These tangible goals are entrenched with meaning and purpose. Coaching techniques, prioritisation and time management can all be applied to goals around emotional intelligence and living in alignment with values. Henry David Thoreau once said: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Our work will dare you to dream of castles in the air and discover ways to lay solid foundations.

I’ve experienced clinical depression, panic, anxiety, and a whole host of mental health unpleasantries for close to 13 years. It’s taken time, trial and error, thousands of articles, books, years of meditation, therapy, exercise, nutrition… you name it, I’ve tried it. My aim is to be the person I needed at my lowest; I can help you to avoid wasting energy on futile pursuits, and give you added direction. You are the expert of your life — I’m an ally working alongside you.

Not so fast. Coaching isn’t advice giving. It’s facilitating and guiding the expert — that’s you — to finding answers within yourself. To assist, I provide resources for you to work with, particularly in the first few sessions. When necessary, I share personal experiences which contain relevant insight.

No. I am comfortable working with challenging emotions but I understand my limits. This is my life’s commitment, and I’d take any route to best serve others. I believe coaching, and positive psychology generally, is the most effective route. Sometimes, therapy may be necessary, but this can work alongside coaching.

Yes. Personal experience, close work with clients, and many, many conversations about mental health has led me to understand emotions as powerful messages. Strong, persistent emotions are one end of an entire spectrum, they aren’t to be feared. Instead, they’re opportunities for profound personal growth and spiritual awakening.

No! In Buddhism, the first of the Four Noble Truths states all existence is dukkha (suffering). The same tools to alleviate depression or anxiety can be applied to less intrusive emotional states. I can work with you on one-off projects, time management, or any problem you require skilled assistance with.

Fantastic! Send me an email at or click the button above. We’ll schedule a free consultation to decide if coaching is right for you. I hope to hear from you soon!