🎧 29. Nonduality and the Shadow with Ellen Emmet


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Ellen Emmet is a psychotherapist, facilitator of Authentic Movement, and offers meetings in The Awakening Body: Yoga meditations in the tradition of non-duality and Kashmir Shivaism that she learnt from her teachers Francis Lucille and Eric Baret. She offers webinars and residential retreats.

Her offering is an exploration of our true nature at the level of tactility and feelings, but also an inquiry into the hidden corners of the psyche to invite more wholeness into our lives. More specifically, The Awakening Body meetings focus on the body, β€œallowing it to be our mirror and our pathway, our prayer and our altar, and ultimately the shining expression of this shared identity.”

Our conversation explores the complex topic of nonduality and the shadow. Ellen’s growing intuition matched my own, that nondual teachings can often be used as a way to escape difficult emotions or feelings, or even disown the body, and overlook or avoid the shadow. With training in Jungian philosophy, including working directly with Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, Ellen brings wisdom and openness to exploring this oversight.

Topics include connecting to the wisdom of the body, relational alchemy, the pain of separation, nonduality as a hiding place, ever-present nature of peace, the path of devotion, the role of the divine feminine, and ways to avoid ego inflation.

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