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🎧 MTE Podcast #1: Essential Spirituality With Roger Walsh

Posted in Podcasts, and Spirituality

Roger Walsh’s transformative work has extensively uncovered useable tools all of us can practice to open us to new ways of living. These tools, thousands of years old yet more relevant than ever, can help uncover our true potential, transforming our inner-universe into an abundant landscape of analysis and learning.

Far from dogmatic religion, this is livable, life-changing, state-enhancing spirituality.

Improving Body Image: How Perception Of The Body Is A Reflection Of The Mind

Posted in Features, Fitness, Psychology, and Social Media

Our culture links success with appearance. Mainstream media objectifies the body, promoting unattainable beauty standards. More and more of us are unsatisfied with how we look. Improving body image requires us all to reject these messages, redefine beauty on our terms, practice non-judgement and embrace impermanence.

Instagram’s Influence On Negative Body Image

Posted in Features, Fitness, and Social Media

Instagram’s influence on body image is causing a crisis in how we feel about our appearance. It’s not the cause, but a reflection of a hyper-sexualised culture that freely objectifies the human body. With society working against us and beauty standards unattainable, how can our relationship with our bodies change?

Social Media And Mental Health: Data Isn’t The Only Reason To Consider #DeleteFacebook

Posted in Features, and Social Media

Scientific studies highlight the damage social media has on our mental health. It makes us depressed, envious, and changes the chemistry of our brains. But there are positives, too, from increased empathy to a platform for supportive communities. Here are pros, cons, and ways to fix unhealthy habits.