🎧 14. Authentic Awakening vs. Spiritual Ego with Stephan Bodian


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I’m joined by Stephan Bodian to discuss the difference between authentic awakening and spiritual ego. Stephan is a licensed therapist and spiritual teacher who has pioneered the integration of Western psychology and Eastern wisdom.

He is the author of numerous books, including Wake Up Now, Beyond Mindfulness and Meditation for Dummies, which has sold half a million copies since its launch in 1998.

Stephan has practiced for many years with masters in the non-dual wisdom traditions of Zen, Dzochen and Advaita Vedanta, and received Dharma transmission from Adyashanti in 2001.

Since 2007 he has led an intensive program in spiritual transformation, known as the School for Awakening, and dawns on decades of experience as a therapist and teacher to offer specialised guidance for those on the path of awakening.

Stephan explains the skill of spiritual discernment. When do you trust spiritual teachers? What are the red flags of spiritual narcissism? This discussion delves into the nuances, from psychological projection, the trouble with gurus and positions of power, the freedom of authentic teaching, and the value of knowing your shadow.

How do you trust you’re on the right path? This conversation shines a light on the ego traps and attachments to concepts that can lead to unhealthy relationships or self-denial. Stephan’s heart-felt understanding of psychology and ancient wisdom acts as a shining light on how to “wake up” authentically.

Stephan dispels a few myths around the mainstream teaching of “McMindfulness,” the role of emotions throughout awakening, the genuine practice of meditation, and how to expand awareness whilst embracing humanity. This is a valuable discussion for anyone at any stage of the journey of spiritual growth.


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