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🎧 MTE Podcast #9: Connecting With Your Inner Universe


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The aphorism “know thyself” has fuelled self-discovery for millenia, stretching back to Ancient Egypt. The phrase, favoured by Socrates, was even allegedly inscribed at the Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi. More recently, depth psychology encourages exploring the unconscious aspects of the Self, to uncover the richness that resides within.

In this episode I discuss why self-connection is an essential catalyst in the process of growth. Discovering the universe within β€” with all its nuances, patterns, shadow and beauty β€” ignites the journey of wisdom. Embarking on this journey requires a skilled approach to self-enquiry, to begin to understand: Who are you, really?

Title music: Monday Morning Wake Up Call by David Birch

Published by Ricky

Writer, Life Coach, & Meditation Teacher devoted to understanding the human psyche and spiritual growth. Undergoing a life-long process of minding my ego.

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