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🎧 13. Synchronicity And The Nature of Reality with Bethany Butzer


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In this enthralling episode, I’m joined by Bethany Butzer, PhD, to discuss her upcoming paper in the Journal of Consciousness Studies: Does Synchronicity Point Us Toward The Fundamental Nature of Consciousness? Our discussion is as personal as it is scientific, and Bethany’s knowledge and wisdom is matched by her enthusiasm and heart.

“Synchronicities give the experiencer a direct, felt sense of the potential unity of psyche and matter (i.e. fundamental consciousness). This experience might be momentary, but it can also be profound.”

Bethany Butzer, Phd

The more I understand synchronicity, the more I see it as a living thing, a form of communication, a dance between mind and matter. I could write a thousand words on this, but the universe decided to speak on my behalf. Immediately following the talk I received an astounding and jaw-dropping synchronicity linked to Michelangelo’s painting of Adam and God, which we discuss in the show.

Now, I don’t wish to share spoilers, so I encourage you to tune in to find out. Then re-visit this page to see the screenshot in question. The video, which you can watch here, was published on the BBC website the same day as our discussion and contains information which is relevant to our talk.

Bethany uses this as a metaphor for synchronicity. I wonder if the overlooked factor what the truth Michelangelo was pointing at, that he depicted the “bridge” of synchronicity?

I was blown away by this and needed to walk around the block to ground myself! Later in the day, I saw another article linked to the show’s discussion: Can physics prove if God exists? This was also published on March 2nd. As you’ll hear in the show, “re-search” and synchronicity around matching dates is relevant.

This is pure evidence of synchronicity’s life-affirming potential. Aside from the universe’s approval of the show (I mean, can you get a better endorsement?), we discuss:

  • The difference between confirmation bias and synchronicity.
  • Adaptive vs. maladaptive pattern detection.
  • How synchronicity provides “breadcrumbs” to follow your path.
  • The link between synchronicity and mystical experiences, such as oneness and transcendence.
  • How contemplative practices such as meditation and yoga invoke synchronicity.
  • What synchronicity teaches about fundamental nature of consciousness.
  • The spiritual vs. the scientific approach to wisdom and knowledge.
  • The re-enchantment of matter and reverence for the Earthly.
  • How synchronicity can boost well-being, meaning, and general happiness.
  • The link with Jung’s unus mundus, collective unconscious and archetypes.
  • The nature of knowledge, re-search, and how the inner “Daimon” uses synchronicity.

There’s so much more. I encourage you to listen and enjoy this talk with an open mind and an invite to the universe to provide you with synchronicities and breadcrumbs and the magic of the great mystery.


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