šŸŽ§ 39. Quantum Synchronicity and Dual-Aspect Monism with Harald Atmanspacher


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Iā€™m joined by Dr. Harald Atmanspacher, a theoretical physicist with more than three decades of experience in interdisciplinary research. He is known for his work on complex systems, the philosophy of science, mind-matter relations, consciousness, and quantum theory.

Harald co-authored Dual-Aspect Monism and the Deep Structure of Meaning with Dean Rickles, which forms the basis of our conversation. We look at the differences in philosophical frameworks, including dualism, materialism, idealism, and how dual-aspect monism links to synchronicity, where events transcend the mind-matter boundary, connected through meaningful coincidence.

I ask Harald how this model fits with non-dual approaches, such as Advaita Vedanta, and how practices such as meditation could open the door to dimensions beyond mind and matter, into what Carl Jung referred to as the psychoid.

Published by Ricky Derisz

Spirituality Coach and Meditation Teacher devoted to understanding the human psyche and nature of consciousness. Undergoing a life-long process of minding my ego.

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