🎧 37. The Spiritual Athlete’s Path to Success with Tori Franklin


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Tori Franklin is an Olympic triple jumper, a public speaker, the author of You Anthem: Stories and Reflections of Celebration, and the founder of the non-profit Live Happi retreats, which empowers youth through travel, mental wellness, and movement.

In 2022, Tori became the first American woman to medal at the World Championships, winning bronze in the Triple Jump. Her success came a year after performing below her usual standard at the Tokyo Olympics. I was inspired by an article Tori wrote, describing how she turned her career around by trusting guidance from the universe, and taking a huge leap of faith by moving to Athens, Greece.

As you will hear, the spiritual athlete’s path to success isn’t conventional. Tori shares her path of resilience, overcoming setbacks, sacrifice, and the conviction required to make success a living reality. In less conventional terms, Tori explains how she manages subtle energetics to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, in order to perform at peak level from a space of playfulness and joy.

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