🎧 18. Stages Of The Spiritual Journey with Nick Kettles


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Stages of the Spiritual Journey with Nick Kettles

My friend and mentor Nick Kettles joins me to discuss the stages of the spiritual journey. I’ve worked closely with Nick for a few years now. Nick is an incredible guide and teacher, who draws upon his wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple fields of development — from Advaita Vedanta, coaching, breathwork, and Jungian psychology.

Having worked with thousands to support their awakening and integration, Nick noticed a trend in the different stages that appear to be consistent. What I find most valuable about our talk is that it offers guidance for those who are, in a sense, spiritual rebels. Without choosing any set discipline of philosophy, the amount of choice can feel overwhelming.

Here, we share a map that will help find direction and guidance on the path of personal growth. The stages are:

  • Window Shopping: an early stage of exploring portals to new realities and different types of energy.
  • Narrowing of the Path: the choice to focus on one practice in order to make progress. There may be a separation from other life experiences in order to cultivate a deeper connection.
  • Disenchantment: when life circumstances start to get in the way, and the initial inspiration to practice can lead to a sense of disillusionment with the practice itself. However, this is a great opportunity for the reality within to flourish.
  • Integration: this is the point of “non-doing” where life operates through you, and the practice itself becomes more spontaneous, as you become more grounded and connected.
  • No Discernable Practice: this is the stage where life itself is the practice.


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