How To Courageously Cultivate Love And Intimacy In Non-Sexual Relationships

Opening the heart to unconditional love and non-sexual intimacy.

Do you dare to be brave? Do you dare to remove barriers and allow life’s flow to abundantly flood your heart? Do you dare to be shaken to the core? Do you dare to be truly seen? Do you dare to be vulnerable? Do you dare to confront fear, to discover the treasure beyond?

Do you dare to explore these qualities outside of romance? To cultivate intimate connections with friends, family, colleagues, strangers on the street? What about those you dislike, disagree with, resent, judge? Could you love generously, knowing the most profound expression of love doesn’t discriminate?

Unconditional love is daring. It’s bewildering, breathtaking, exhilarating, exquisite, magnificent, life-affirming — and completely terrifying! All of us want to love and be loved. Love is the foundation of life. The more we love, the happier, healthier, more connected we feel.

Last Valentine’s Day, I explored the myth of romantic love, its illusions, restrictions and misguided messages. Moving on from the myth, my goal main goal for 2019 is to cultivate unconditional love, to open my heart to intimacy in all areas of life. I’ve learned and adjusted accordingly. One year on, I’m excited to share these insights with you.